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wholenewmindDaniel Pink in his book “A Whole New Mind” identified one of the biggest challenges, and opportunities, is how we address the commoditized world we live in today. Specifically, for every problem in the business world there are probably 2-3 companies that can adequately solve that problem. What this means is it’s never been more difficult to communicate your unique value. That makes it difficult for prospects to understand why they should choose you leading to a conversation focused on price.

What if you could deliver a story that is focused around your unique value but told from your customers point of view? What if you could tell this story around a compelling whiteboard so that it’s easy to understand and retell? What if the value in this story was easily repurposed into the selling conversations and materials along the buyer’s journey?

The Value Position Story Workshop is a MasterMessaging facilitated workshop to create your Value Position Story. By engaging leadership in Product, Marketing and Sales at the end of the workshop you’ll have consensus on where to plant your flag around your unique value and tell a story from your prospects perspective that makes it easy for them to choose you. By understanding your Value Positions you’ll be able to ensure this value shows up in any customer facing conversation or materials. 

According to CSO Insights 86% of the Value Propositions presented by sales professionals aren’t relevant enough to get the prospect to take action. When sales reps aren’t clear about their unique value and how to communicate it they fall into the trap of sharing to much product information and the conversation ends up being all about them, their products and what their products do.

What if sales reps could clearly communicate the value of their products in a way that created real meaning for the prospect? What if they could do this in sales conversations all along the buyer’s journey? Finally, what if the prospect experienced a sense of empathy and compassion in the conversations that created a foundation of mutual trust.

The Sales Conversation Roadmap is a MasterMessaging facilitated workshop for customer facing team members equipping them to deliver and customize the Value Position Story to prospects and customers. They’ll understand the importance of Intent in building trust with their customers. They’ll learn the latest in thought leadership on how human beings make decisions and apply this insight to their conversations. The result is the ability to build custom sales conversations that convey the highest value from the prospect’s view point.

The Academy of Management Learning found that in event based training at best the attendee’s will apply 32% of what they’ve learned in their day to day work. The reason this happens is it’s easy to fall back on what you know instead of using something new that’s more difficult to apply. Combine that with geographic challenges where the sales leader aren’t able to view and coach their sales teams on a regular basis. What this means is the money invested in sales training often doesn’t create the return on investment that was expected.

What if sales reps had examples of a high value sales conversations that they can use post workshop? What if they had the opportunity to practice these conversations in a safe and comfortable setting? What if the sales leaders had the ability to coach their teams to higher skill levels in delivering compelling sales conversations?

The Sales Conversation Simulator is a post workshop tool that ensures a high skill level in delivering value based sales conversations. Sales reps are given real world selling situations and the corresponding content and messaging to increase confidence and effectiveness in the sales conversations throughout the buyers journey. Sales leaders can review their teams simulations and provide offline coaching that fits into their schedule.