Sales Messaging that is Simple, Unique & Memorable

Sales Messaging that is Simple, Unique & Memorable

In today’s selling environment these numbers tell a disturbing story.

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Geoffrey Moore, in the Harvard Business Review article, “In a Downturn, Provoke Your Customers”, was quoted as saying that 85% of today’s budgets are already allocated to existing commitments. 15% is available for discretionary expenses and that number continues to shrink in the face of budget cuts. 1, In this environment your sales teams are typically having to sell at least one level higher to execs where their relationship isn’t as strong.

This means your biggest challenge is to sell against the status quo.

Well over 40% of deals in most sales organizations CRM’s are marked as stalled or no decision. You also need to engage higher level decision makers who have said they are tired of playing 20 questions with reps who are hoping to find pain or challenges in their organization. Finally, with these obstacles it’s more and more difficult to stay excited and passionate as a sales professional.

So imagine if you were able to overcome the status quo with a perspective that tied directly to the uniqueness of your product or service. Imagine if you were able to bring key executives information that they didn’t know, that also represented a threat to them staying with the status quo. Finally, imagine if you delivered this information in a way that was simple, unique and memorable; resulting in increased confidence, enthusiasm and sales.

That’s why businesses are working with us. They, like you, are looking to deliver sales conversations that overcome the status quo, help become trusted advisors to prospects and reinvigorate sales.

David Kurkjian

– David Kurkjian

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