Who is MasterMessaging?

MasterMessaging is a sales consultancy that helps our clients increase revenue in predictable, replicable and sustainable ways. All based on applying principles derived from the latest in behavioral psychology. Principles ranging from how individuals perceive value to communicating in a way that engages your prospects throughout the buyer’s journey.


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The changing business world has presented sales professionals with a new set of challenges. Commoditization has created an environment where buyers have 3-5 options on how to solve their problems leading to price pressure during contract negotiations. This assumes that you are able to cut through all the information and noise that distracts buyers. If you succeed cutting through the noise and not getting beat up on price you still have to convince your prospect to change and move beyond the status quo.

Sales leaders confronted with these challenges can invest in sales training or new enablement tools but if they can’t get sales teams to change their behavior it’s money down the drain.


Shorten the Sales Cycle
Sell higher margin deals
Drive higher adoption of their product(s) over time

A custom engagement to adapt the application of proven sales principles and techniques to your culture and market.

The way we do that is:

1. Discover

In depth discovery on market,
sales process, good news/bad news

2. Develop

Customized Learning Journey/
Sales Playbooks/Workshops

3. Deploy


The principles and techniques baked into this process come from 30 years of sales experience and an understanding of behavioral psychology as it relates to how people make decisions. The root issue is change. You have to get a prospect to change what they are doing today and adopt a new way.

What if the same principles and techniques used to drive change in your prospect and customers world could be used to facilitate change in a sales professional’s behavior? Specifically, change that has them doing more of what makes them successful and less of the counterproductive behavior.

MasterMessaging can partner with you to affect change with your prospects, sales teams and customers. Creating more sales, higher performing reps and wider adoption of your products with your customers.

Want Proof? Don't Just take our word for it....

CEO SaaS Startup

“A great solution is half the battle, you have to cut through enormous noise and clutter to get customer and prospect attention. So, what you say, and how you say it, matters lot. MasterMessaging uses the latest in sales principles and techniques to create the most effective messaging and comprehensive sales playbooks I’ve ever seen.”

CEO Sports Tech Company

“David helped with our email marketing campaigns. Our open rate went from an average of 14% to more than a 50% open rate with college football coaches. David’s style was direct and he demonstrated a great understanding of how to develop a message that resonated with our market”

SVP SALES Fast Growth Software Company

“Our first call conversions went from 8% to 47% in one quarter by applying the content and messaging that MasterMessaging created with us”

About Our Team

David Kurkjian

As an engineer by education David has always had an interest in what makes people tick. This curiosity has served David well in a successful sales career with companies like BellSouth, CareerBuilder and Yodle. When David decided to launch MasterMessaging in 2012 he spent months reading books by top behavioral psychologists to get a better understanding of why people make decisions. What he found is the top sales professionals tap into these decision making principles intuitively. Now there is a way for sales professionals to do this intentionally, creating more success in their careers.

Outside of MasterMessaging David loves spending time with his wife, four kids and three grandchildren. If you live in the Roswell area of Atlanta you may also see David doing the other thing he enjoys, running completely barefoot.

Ryan Lawson

Ryan’s unique ability is to gain understanding and effectively create and communicate a process for myself and others to take action and successfully achieve their goals. He’s a detail oriented Business Development professional who leverages best practices, systems and process with a track record of delivering outstanding results for the organizations he works for. He’s an accomplished international public speaker and trainer with more than 20 years experience who has the ability to not only impart knowledge but also inspire behavior change in his audience.

Outside of MasterMessaging Ryan enjoys time with his wife and 3 kids on Lake Allatoona. He’s something of a cigar aficionado and you might run into him working out of his favorite cigar bar in downtown Woodstock.

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