Language of Decision, Move People to Action!

According to CSO Insights 86% of the Value Propositions that sales people present aren’t relevant enough to get the prospect to take action.

What this means is . . .

The product you sell or non profit service you provide and the associated conversations sound and look alike to your prospects.

The volume of information they have to sift through on a daily basis makes it confusing to know why they should take the next step with you.

As a result, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the volume of noise and get your prospects to agree to meet with you and take the next step in engaging around your product or service.

Imagine if you could . . .

  • Engage your prospects with a clear and powerful message.
  • Speak to your uniqueness in a way that’s relevant to your prospects.
  • Deliver a story that was so meaningful making it easy for prospects to choose you.

Attend a Sales Conversation Workshop where you will . . .

  • Learn how to provoke your prospects to take the next step with you
  • Identify your unique ability to solve your prospects pains and challenges
  • Create a story that is clearly understood, unique to you and meaningful to your prospects

David Kurkjian – A 25 year sales professional who has created revenue and built sales teams for companies like BellSouth, CareerBuilder and Yodle. David has consulted and trained sales professionals, non profits and business owners to overcome the status quo in their prospects world. David was recently featured on Business Radiox and is a featured speaker at Atlanta Tech Village. He has consulted with companies like Aflac, Assurant Solutions and Intradiem.

Registration is being made available at no charge but a contribution to our host, City Gospel Mission would be appreciated.

*Seating will be limited to 30 people.